Lilia Leisle

Name Lilia Leisle


Born in Beresniki, Russia

2001-2004 B.Sc. in Biomedicine, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

2004-2006 M.Sc. in Biomedicine, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

2007-2011 Ph.D. in Biophysics, Thomas J. Jentsch laboratory, Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology & Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany

2011-2012 Post-doctoral fellow, Thomas J. Jentsch laboratory, Berlin, Germany

Current project Constructing genetically encoded tools to study ion channels

Likes nearly any kind of ion conducting entities, patch clamping, different foods, sunny Sundays, sea, Spanish guitar, Hendrick’s, rollies

Dislikes non-working experiments, electric noise, missing rolling utilities, bad Gin


Name Sora Lee


Born in Seoul, Korea

2004-2009 B.Sc.(Honours) Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University

Current Project Structure-Function studies of prokaryotic voltage gated sodium channel.

Likes Learning languages, any kind of chicken dish, lasagna, swimming, beautiful sunset, classical music, contemporary-instrumental music, travelling.

Dislikes Needles.

Sam Goodchild


Name Sam Goodchild


Born in England, UK

1996-2000 – MSci Chemistry, University College London, UK

2000-2001 – MSc Philosophy of Science, London School of Economics, UK

2004-2005 – MSc Neuroscience, Imperial College London, UK

2005-2009 – PhD Ion Channel Structure/Function and Pharmacology, University of Bristol, UK

Project Late sodium current modulation and unnatural amino acid mutagenesis.

Likes Mountains/sea and associated activities, science, photography, thinking...

Dislikes Cycling in torrential rain.


Name Jason D. Galpin

Born in Vancouver, Canada


1992 – B.Sc. Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

1996 - M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic Synthesis w. Saul Wolfe), Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

2001 - Ph.D. Chemistry (Bio-organic Chemistry w. Martin Tanner/Brian Ellis), University of British Columbia, BC

2001-2003 - Post-Doctoral Fellow (Chemistry w. Craig Townsend), The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md, USA

2003-2006 – Post-Doctoral Fellow (Biological Sciences w. Allison Kermode), Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

2006-2009 - Research Associate (Pharmaceutical Sciences w. Adam Frankel), University of British Columbia, BC

Project Synthesis of unnatural amino-acids for incorporation into ion channels via the technique of nonsense suppression.

Likes Biking, running, astronomy, Wreck Beach, fine dining and great beer.

Dislikes Lack of dry ice, acid spills, dead oocytes.


Name Christopher A. Ahern


Born in Minnesota, USA

1992 – B.Sc. Chemistry and B.Sc. Molecular Biology, UW-Madison, USA

1992-1996 – QC chemist General Mills, road cyclist/domestique extraordinaire, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

2002 – Ph.D. Physiology, UW-Madison, USA

2002-2007 – Post-Doctoral Fellow, Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Adviser: Dr. Spike Horn

Current Project Sodium channels as regulators of electrical signaling in the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Likes Funding (all kinds), patch-clamping (all configurations), non-natural amino acids, Spanish guitar, road and mountain biking, skate skiing, food (all kinds).

Dislikes No funding (all kinds), bad cells, flat tires, no snow, bad food (all kinds).

christopher ahern
stephan pless


Name Stephan Pless


Born in Hamburg, Germany

1997-2004 – Diploma in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Hamburg, Germany

2005-2008 – PhD in Neurobiology at the University of Queensland, Australia

Current project Incorporation of unnatural amino acids and voltage-clamp fluorometry on voltage-gated sodium and potassium channels.

Likes Fencing, hiking, Mt Barney, snowboarding, windsurfing, functional knees, well behaved Xenopus oocytes and Astra.

Dislikes Disfunctional knees, warm beer and rainy days.

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